Wednesday, November 15, 2017

OMG! 6 kittens in my cuboard!

One sweltering hot summer afternoon in Pittsburg, California (yes...there is a Pittsburg, California), a very very hungry little black and white tuxedo cat showed up at my back door.

Now, we already had an outdoor cat that came with the townhouse and was actually part of the purchase agreement. Mr. Kitty was a chunky, slightly beat-up-looking cat that barely let us look at him, let alone touch him. He was happy to eat the food we gave him, but absolutely kept his distance.
This little cat looked like a smaller, healthier, and younger version of Mr. Kitty. We figured she had to belong to someone in the neighborhood since she looked pretty well cared for. She even came inside and rubbed on our legs and demanded to have her head scratched.

After seeing her for the next couple afternoons, I put out some extra food and watched her eat like she hadn't eaten for weeks!

I thought to myself, "Wow! She's either seriously starving and is homeless, or she's pregnant..."

She came inside a day later and we prepared for the arrival of kittens!

I started awake during the night about 6 days after this newbie had joined our family. I hadn't heard anything, just had a feeling something was happening. As I walked down the hallway, I noticed some towels had been pushed out of a small cupboard. I walked quietly toward the cupboard and slowly opened the door. 

Curled up inside was the little black and white cat gently cleaning what appeared to be kitten number 3!

She blinked at me slowly and let me scratch the top of her head and gently rub her belly. Over the next two hours, kittens number 4 and 5 were born. I noticed this little mama was getting tired from all this birthing. She could barely summon enough energy to clean kitten number 4. So I took kitten number 5, placed him into a warm, clean hand-towel, cleaned him up and rubbed him down to stimulate his breathing. Just when I thought her litter was topped out at 5 beautiful kittens, I noticed another little head poking out from her back end. 

This poor exhausted little mama cat looked at me with her tired golden yellow eyes as if pleading with me to give her some help. I held a clean warm washcloth under the small head of the emerging kitten and waited for her to push. She pushed once, twice, and the shoulders finally came out. I gently grasped the tiny kitten and with one last push from mama and a gentle pull from me, kitten number 6 came into the world. Like with kitten number 5, I cleaned him up and rubbed him down to kick start his breathing.

A few minutes later, little mama cat was finally getting some much needed sleep, and her amazing new babies were enjoying their first meal.

We found homes for all the kittens and decided to keep Little Mama Cat.

A couple years later, I gave birth to our son, thanking every single god and goddess I could think of that I was only having one!

As soon as we brought our son home and placed him in his bassinet, Little Mama Cat jumped in and claimed him as her own! From that night forward, Little Mama Cat kept an eye on her boy and slept at his feet every night until she passed away just a few years ago.

We have since  fostered many kittens, a few mama cats, and have even started our own rescue. But I will never forget how this Little Mama Cat trusted me with her kittens, loved her human boy, and changed our family forever.

OMG! 6 kittens in my cuboard!

One sweltering hot summer afternoon in Pittsburg, California (yes...there is a Pittsburg, California), a very very hungry little black and ...